Liz Felix Hats And The Media

Liz Felix Hats

Liz Felix hats can usually be spotted among the crowd at any major event in the UK. From Pippa Middleton’s wedding, through Royal Ascot to Henley Royal Regatta, Liz Felix’s creations not only grace the heads of the rich and famous but also many Mother of the Bride.

Her most notable client, however, is Theresa May. The Prime Minister has been seen wearing Liz Felix hats to some of the most note-worthy events and public occasions. Perhaps the most memorable – and praised by the media – was the red hat she wore to greet the President of China in 2016 and then again, to the Sandhurst Passing Out parade. The red piece had an upwards sweep, framing the Prime Minister’s face, with a decorative bow twist to the side and was perfectly matched to her scarlet dress.

Liz Felix hats have been Theresa May’s accessory of choice for years before she became the Prime Minister. In her interview with The Reading Chronicle, the milliner said: “I have supplied here with a number of hats now. All the ones she has worn over the last couple of years have been mine. She likes to support local businesses. She’s very good at that and I think that’s something she believes in.”

How Liz Felix Hats Are Made

What is the secret to Liz Felix hats that makes them stand out from the rest and keeps her clients coming back again and again? Other than Liz’s amazing technical knowledge and formal training from London College of Fashion, it’s her outstanding sense of colour and style. When asked to create a bespoke design, she invites her clients to bring their entire outfit along with them, down to the earrings they were planning to wear for the occasion. The vision she creates is perfectly suited to the person’s style, facial and body features and their personality. It’s a proper and complete millinery service.

Every Liz Felix hat and fascinator is made using traditional materials and methods. Her favourite material to work with is sinamay (thin, straw-like material), which she soaks and then moulds over hat blocks. Next, the fabric is dried, ironed and stiffened. Sinamay is perfect for millinery as it can be flexed into any shape and holds its colour extremely well, making it incredibly versatile. Liz Felix also loves to work with felt. Every hat purchased off the peg or bespoke, can be customised with new feathers, trims or ribbons – making it a perfect match to any outfit and most importantly – guaranteeing each creation is completely unique.


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